Friday, June 28, 2013

I know I haven't been keeping my blog up, but sometimes things like making a living, staying caught up on commissions or even personal injury get in the way.

I got my left hand caught in a freight elevator door back on January 12 and as of today I only have 50 percent use of it.  This has slowed me down considerably with my business and forced me to rethink the way I sculpt and cast bronze.

I am finally getting caught up on some projects I fell behind on when I injured my hand and have started to design a new pouring set up that I can operate one handed.  I should have done this years ago but never thought I would not be able to pour due to loosing most of the use of one of my hands.

I look on the bright side, partial use of the hand is better than no use, but for a sculptor any loss  pertaining to the use of the hands is critical.

Adapt, Preserver. Conquer, and Overcome that which limits me!

Bre and Margaret helping me with the Panther sculpture, Margaret was being camera shy and is hiding behind the panther. 

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