Saturday, May 23, 2009

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due!

As a sculptor and a foundry owner I know what it takes to produce a good sculpture. There-in lies the issue. We often take photos of the process of creating a specific bronze and as a courtesy give a copy of these photos to the client on a CD. However when a client takes those photos and passes them off as their own, misleading the viewer into thinking that they (the sculptor) produced their own bronze, the Irish in me comes out.

Whenever we post photos of the casting process we always give credit to the sculptor whose bronze is shown in the photos. This is giving credit where credit is due! Since this issue has reared its ugly head twice this year we have started watermarking all our photos with a copyright and logo. Anyone is welcome to use any of our photos as long as we receive credit for the taking of the photos and/or production of the bronze if applicable.

When others rave about the quality of the sculpture it would be nice if the sculptor credited the foundry that produced the work, especially, (as in this last instance) if the sculptor could not find another foundry to turn their 16 foot masterpiece into bronze within their 9 week deadline.

The next thing will be to place foundry stamps on all works produced by us; those persons using our photos, taken at our facility and passing them off as their own will be put on notice. The Hosting URLs will be notified of infringement and illegal use of copyrighted material and asked that the photos be removed from their servers.

Think Twice before using someones photos improperly.

Use Our Photos - Give Us Credit!


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John Townsend said...

By the way, I am updating my website's gallery. It will be done in about 1-2 weeks.
I am very new to this internet thing. I rather sculpt! Thank you and take care.